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Discover Italy through its culinary tradition

Everybody knows that things like pineapple pizzas and carbonara with cream give Italians the creeps, and StudioFood33 wants to help those who come from abroad to learn how to feel the same way in front of such dishes.

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Our mission

Just kidding, obviously: the Cooking Incoming Experiences for Incoming groups are simply meant to offer every tourist the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Italian cuisine, so that they can feel part of our reality and enjoy our incredible food tradition.

However, our cooking course for tourist is more than that: in fact, it’s also a good way to spend time with people from all over the world while having fun in the kitchen!

Diversity is an added value which enriches our knowledge and broadens our horizons: this is the message we want to convey with our Cooking Incoming Experiences. For us, it’s very important that those who participate in an event such as ours have heaps of fun and enjoy the food of our tradition. Also, at the end of the experience, we’d like all participants to take back home both the desire to continue getting to know other cultures, and our aprons and gadgets, if they like!


The format designed for the Cooking Incoming Experience for incoming groups includes a welcome aperitif and a glass of wine for all participants. Then, once they’re divided into three or four brigades, it’ll be time to get cracking in the kitchen! Each brigade, in fact, will create a typical three-course menu with the help of a professional chef, who will always be there to provide support and to share fun facts about Italian cuisine.

The goal of our Cooking Incoming Experience for tourists is to teach them the basics of Italian cuisine while placing human relationships at the center of the experience. Indeed, this is the reason why we decided to add a further moment of conviviality at the end of the course, so that tourists can have a taste of their freshly cooked food while making conversation and sharing their cultures as well. I mean, what better way to bond than eating together freshly baked dishes with a good glass of wine, am I right?

Each Cooking Incoming Experience for foreigners can accommodate up to 40 participants, but if your group is bigger don’t worry, we’ll do everything in our power to organize the event accordingly!

In addition, as mentioned before, we also have our super cool official merchandising, which is available for booking on our website. 


Clearly, we do not expect tourists to know the Italian language, nor do we expect them to understand a word of it, but that’s not a problem at all: luckily, our Chef speaks both English and French, so that all participants can feel involved in the experience!

The tourists divided into three or four brigades will cook a full menu consisting of an appetizer, a first course (complete with homemade pasta, because why not?) and a dessert, all part of the Italian culinary tradition. 

At the end of the three hours of the event, all the dishes prepared will be tasted by the participants with a lovely glass of wine. 

The ultimate experience to discover italian food


Guests will be welcomed with a buffet of appetizers and a glass of wine

3 recipes

Participants will cook a complete local menu: starter, home-made first course and dessert

3 hours

3 hours to complete the menu under the supervision of a chef



To complete the experience, participants will taste the courses

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